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Gift watches for men

With almost 200 years of Swiss watchmaking tradition, Longines watches are the perfect gift for every man. Thanks to creations that combine high quality, elegance and great performances, all will find the watch that fits their personality and their tastes amongst the collections of the winged hourglass brand.
The sophistication of the Longines complication watches will captivate all modern explorers. Retrograde watches displaying the date, a second time zone or the phases of the moon will quickly become the essential companion for elegant world travellers.

Gift watches for women

The Swiss watchmaking company Longines knows how to enchant every woman, and its watches are the perfect present for elegant women all of the world. Thanks to creations that bring out their beauty, charm and sophisticated nature, the Swiss watchmaker has been producing brilliant watches that make their style shine.

Gift watches

For the holidays, you will find among the Longines watches the exceptional present that will surely please every watchmaking enthusiast. Fruit of almost 200 years of savoir-faire, the watches of the Swiss watchmaker skilfully combine a timeless elegance with excellent technical performances that will seduce even the most demanding.

Men's watches

The Longines watches for men are the fruit of a long watchmaking tradition coupled with the constant pursuit of excellence. Each timepiece has a distinct charm and was engineered for modern men, who know how to combine elegance and authenticity. Powered by automatic or quartz movements, these watches have as many facets and as much character as the men who wear them.

Men's quartz watches

Essential accessories, the Longines quartz watches for men offer an extreme exactitude as well as a great resistance to both impacts and vibrations. Fruit of a long and rich watchmaking tradition, these designs are offered in a variety of colours, with a varied range of straps as well as many sizes of faces that will satisfy the requirements of all gentlemen.

Men's automatic watches

In keeping with its rich watchmaking tradition, Longines demonstrates its great savoir-faire in the creation of exceptional automatic watches for men. Perfect exemplification of the brand's attachment to both tradition and modernity, these timepieces are powered by automatic calibres that will surely enchant all watchmaking connoisseurs. 

Men's sport watches

Elevate your style with our elegant and sophisticated sport watches for men.

Women's watches

The ladies' watches of the Longines Collections are the perfect accessory to subtlety exalt the allure and the refinement of all women. Longines celebrates the beauty of women with delicate lines and timeless aesthetics. Chiselled from steel, yellow or rose gold, sometimes embellished with diamonds, these timepieces enhance the natural elegance of those enamoured with modernity as well as tradition.

Women's quartz watches

Let yourself be enchanted by the timeless finesse and precision of the Longines quartz watches for women. Their elegant lines delicately compliment the charm of all women, and their quartz movement confer to these timepieces an exceptional precision that will delight all connoisseurs of extraordinary watches.

Women's automatic watches

Famous around the globe for its watchmaking prowess, the Swiss company Longines endeavours to create watches that combine exceptional technical performances, tradition and a timeless elegance. It is with this in mind that the winged hourglass brand has created these automatic watches for ladies. Their automatic movement bestows a traditional charm upon them and their harmonious lines enchant all women who love elegance and finesse.

Women's sport watches

Discover the Longines Sport Watches for women: the clever blend of performance and refinement around your wrist

Automatic watches

The Longines automatic watches are a perfect representation of the watchmaking savoir-faire of the winged hourglass brand. Their automatic movement is the fruit of the historic expertise of the company and was conceived to be both precise and reliable in all circumstances.

Chronograph watches

Ever since the company's start, Longines has put sports at the heart of its philosophy, by creating highly reliable chronographs that have been measuring records and sports performances for more than a hundred years.

Quartz watches

Fruit of a long and rich watchmaking history, the Longines quartz watches provide you with a great and lasting accuracy. Elegance is more than ever at the heart of the winged hourglass brand's watchmaking process, and the resulting quartz watch designs range from traditional interpretations to contemporary reimaginings. All dapper men who love authenticity will surely find the perfect piece to adorn their wrist.

Moonphase watches

For all those who love watches with complications as well as astronomy, Longines has created their now famous moon phase watches. These sophisticated timepieces allow you to follow the lunar cycle with the utmost readability and an unparalleled elegance. 

Retrograde watches

Discover Longines retrograde watches, true jewels of watchmaking excellence that combine aesthetic perfection and technical sophistication. The various retrograde mechanisms of these exceptional watches are harmoniously integrated into the design of the dial for optimal readability.


Discover our selection of Longines certified chronometer watches, extremely precise timepieces certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC). The chronometer certificate is a symbol of high quality manufacturing, precision, and exacting standards – in a word, the passion that drives Swiss watchmakers.

Sport watches

Sport has always been at the heart of the Longines philosophy, and these sports watches embody the search for performance and always more achievements that is central to the Swiss watchmaker. These sports watches skilfully combine elegant lines and refined technology, giving these timepieces incomparable efficiency and precision.

Gold watches

Step into the Longines universe and discover all the gold watches of the winged hourglass brand. These unique creations will gracefully adorn the wrists of all those who love refinement and elegance. Let yourself be seduced by the color variations of the precious metal, from the sophistication of rose gold to the timeless charm of yellow gold.

Stainless steel watches

The Longines steel watches skilfully combine a great sturdiness and a timeless chic that never goes out of style. All those who appreciate a classic elegance as well as those who love quintessential modern aesthetics will find the perfect watch amongst the many stainless steel designs of the winged hourglass watchmaker.

Classic watches

All those who love the charm and the excellence of classic watches will find amongst this exceptional timepiece selection the one that will splendidly refine all their outfits. With their elegant simplicity and their discreet beauty, these watches are truly timeless, a bridge between the past and the present. Their clean lines and their unrivalled precision are the fruit of the watchmaking savoir-faire of Longines, as well as its tradition of undisputed excellence.


Colorful watches

Immerse yourself in the colorful world of Longines and express your style with the different colors of our timepieces, true symbols of everyday sophistication and elegance.

The Watchmaking excellence

As a traditional watchmaking company, Longines has been producing exceptional timepieces since the very beginning. Fruit of almost 200 years of savoir-faire, the watches of the Swiss watchmaker skilfully combine a timeless elegance with excellent technical performances that will seduce even the most demanding.

Quintessence of classicism

The range of classic Longines watches, lovers of excellence and timeless charm will find the perfect watch.

Diamond watches

The Longines Diamond watches, the watch with diamonds enhance the watch. More than a watch, a jewel!